Heating Pad Body Wrap


Panda Clinic’s new Body Wrap delivers hot or cold pain relief, paired with aromatherapy, to help get you back to feeling your best

heated body wrap
heated body wrap

Product Details

Size: 9 inch x 19 inch (22.86cm x 48.26cm)

Weight: 3.55lbs

Colour: Black

Filling: Contains pure milled white rice, natural lavender flowers, peppermint and pure essential oils of eucalyptus, cloves and rosemary.

Aroma: Lavender Essential Oil

Cover: Removable cover, hand or machine washable. Recommened to hang dry.

Hot & cold temperature control

Microwave heating: Place the pack in the centre of the microwave oven for the prescribed amount of time. Ensure the bag is not touching the side walls of the microwave during heating as bag can burn.

To prevent heating pad from overheating, microwave in 30 second increments until the desired temperature is reached.

Allow heat packs to reach room temperature before re-heating. Do not leave pack unattended while heating. Children should not operate microwave ovens.

Oven heating: Completely wrap the heat pack in aluminum foil. Preheat oven to 250 degrees fahrenheit, and heat for 30 minutes.

Do not leave pack unattended while heating. Setting a timer is recommended. Overheating may cause excess moisture to be released, and may cause dye to stain other fabrics.

Cold: place in freezer for 1-4 hrs, inside a plastic bag to preserve the aromatherapy of the bag.

100% Canadian Made

Manufactured in Canada since 1996. These heating pads have undergone extensive testing with no adverse reactions or consumer safety issues.

When used with care, and maintained as directed, this heating pad can easily last for many years.

Moist-Heat Therapy

Our heating pads use new moist-heat therapy to help deliver a relaxing, consistent, and uniform heat.

To help combat any excess moisture, We recommend heating the pack 3-4 times (allowing the pack to cool between heatings) before use. This will reduce any odour, or dampness, caused by excess moisture.

Product Safety

If the heating pad should become damaged, show signs of wear or discolouration, stop use and discard.

Ensure the contents of the bag are not ingested (contains milled rice).

Do not use heat packs on individuals with impaired sensation or those unable to care for themselves.

Do not overheat as product can burn. Keep inner packs dry. Use of a towel on furniture and avoiding overheating will minimize this risk.

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