On-Demand Wellness Treatments

Panda Clinic brings the five-year experience of treating more than 10,000 cases to the comfort of your home and workplace.

On-Demand Registered Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

Registered therapists and acupuncturists, who are experts in the field of Panda Clinic, bring their talent to your place. If you want to have a massage therapy or acupuncture treatment, you can fulfill this request without leaving your home or office.

Panda Clinic’s certified massage therapists and acupuncturists will come to your location and successfully treat you. Treatments are covered by insurance.

Registered Massage (RMT)

$150 for 60 mins (GST is included)

Massage therapy has been used as a treatment method for relaxation from stress and pain. Treatment should be done by registered experts who have knowledge about human anatomy. It regulates the immune system, speeds up the metabolism, helps the digestive and excretory systems to work properly.


$130 per session

Acupuncture is a treatment method that has been applied for thousands of years to ensure the correct flow of energy channels in the body. Acupuncture treatment is useful in a wide range from relieving head, back and neck pain to helping depression.

How to book an appointment?

If you want to get a massage or acupuncture service from the comfort of your home or office, all you have to do is fill out the form below. When we receive your form, we will call you and assist you with your appointment.

Fill the Form

Easily fill the treatment registration form to ask for a booking.

Wait for our Call

When we receive your online form, we will call you to help with your appointment.

First Session!

Our experienced team will take care of you through the on-demand session.

Treatment at your own place

Panda Clinic on-demand wellness treatment allows you to get a professional massage or acupuncture session in your home or office. The certified massage therapist or acupuncturist will come to the appointment with clean linens, massage oils and relaxation music to offer you a high-quality treatment.

Registration Form

Cancellation Policy

We respect that your time is valuable and we appreciate that you understand ours is too. If appointments are cancelled or rescheduled at short notice, or if you do not attend an appointment, this means we are unable to re-use that time to support other patients.

A fee to the value of the appointment booked will be applied to your account for any missed appointments or cancellations without 24 hours notice.

We understand that on occasion a short-notice cancellation may be unavoidable, please let us know at your earliest connivence. Cancellation can be done by phone call, text message, email or voicemail at anytime, as we check them regularly.

Please note that the cost of missed appointments and late cancellations are not covered by your ICBC, WCB or private insurance.

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