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Learn more about the health care services offered by Panda Clinic and how we can make a positive difference in your life.

We Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage (RMT)

$130 + GST per session

Registered Massage therapy is an effective and non-invasive choice for managing injury and releasing chronic muscle tension.

Registered Massage & Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

$180 + GST for 60 mins

Feel the benefits of paraffin hand treatment with the added benefits of registered massage therapy for total-hand & body relaxation. Beneficial for pain or discomfort in hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or repetitive stress injuries, dry hands and more.

Registered Massage - Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

$145+ GST per session

Our RMTs are specifically trained in prenatal massage to help relieve aches and pains. This helps to reduce muscle tension and fatigue and addresses the physical strain that results from carrying and caring for a newborn

Hot Stone Massage (RMT)

$169 + GST per session

Hot Stone Massage uses smooth, heated stones to gently relax and soften muscles, easing pain and discomfort while promoting deep relaxation. This soothing treatment not only helps improve sleep quality and enhances flexibility but also significantly reduces stress and boosts overall happiness.

Myofascial Release (RMT)

$145 + GST per session

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a skilled myofascial intervention used for soft-tissue treatment to help breakdown of scar tissues, adhesions and improvements in range of motion.



$100 Initial Visit | $ 95 Followup Visits

Our 1 on 1 rehabilitation physiotherapy treatment is provided to who requires acute, chronic or rehabilitative support. Our goal is to to restore movement and function after injury, car accident, illness and disability.

Physiotherapy - IMS

$100 Initial Visit | $95 Followup Visitis

IMS also known as intramuscular stimulation or dry needling is an effective technique used by physiotherapists to treat pain arising from muscles and/or nerves.

Physiotherapy - Vestibular Therapy

$100 Initial Visit | $ 95 Followup Visits

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of physiotherapy. It involves manual head manoeuvres and progressive programs of exercises. This is designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, visual issues, and/or imbalance and falls.

Physiotherapy - Pelvic Floor Therapy

$165 Initial Visit | $145 Followup Visits

Help rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles. These muscles can be weakened by childbirth, surgery, heavy lifting, being overweight, constipation or menopause.

Physiotherapy - Shockwave Therapy

$100 per session

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment performed by our physiotherapist. It works by using the energy of high-intensity sound waves to break up calcifications, scarring, and adhesions that form in your tendons and muscles.

WorkSafe | WCB Physiotherapy

Initial Visit $188 | Standard Visit $84.50

Covered by WorkSafeBC. 

Aids in the recovery process by helping restore movement and function after a work accident. It also plays a crucial role in reducing pain and facilitating the return to normal work activities and daily life.


Trial Private (1-on-1) $49 +GST | Bring-a-Friend (1-on-2) $35 +GST each

Pilates is a fun and gentle way to exercise your body and mind. The low-impact, machine based exercises,  help make your muscles strong, improves your balance, and make you more flexible.  

ICBC Claims Treatments

Physiotherapy for ICBC Claims

$147 Initial Visit | $ 93 Followup Visits DIRECT BILLED TO ICBC

Physiotherapy after a car accident focuses on rehabilitating injuries, easing pain, and improving mobility to restore function and well-being efficiently. It also helps prevent long-term damage.

RMT Massage for ICBC Claims

$130 Initial Visit | $114 Followup Visitis DIRECT BILLED TO ICBC

Massage after a car accident offers therapeutic relief, reducing pain, alleviating muscle tension, and enhancing circulation to speed up the recovery process. It also aids in stress reduction and promotes overall wellness.

Active Rehab (Kinesiology) for ICBC Claims

$114 Initial Visit | $ 92 Followup Visits DIRECT BILLED TO ICBC

Active Rehab, guided by kinesiology after a car accident, emphasizes personalized exercise programs to rebuild strength, enhance flexibility, and improve posture. It’s vital for long-term recovery and prevents future injuries, ensuring a return to daily activities safely and effectively.

Acupuncture for ICBC Claims

$123 Initial Visit | $104 Followup Visits DIRECT BILLED TO ICBC

Acupuncture after a car accident aids in pain relief, reduces inflammation, and accelerates healing by stimulating the body’s natural recovery processes. It also addresses emotional stress, promoting a holistic path to recovery and well-being.



$120 per session

Effective against musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

Cupping Therapy

$80 per session (Covered by benefit)

Cupping therapy helps to relieve pain and soothes the body. In Cupping Therapy, a therapist puts special cups on the skin of the person to create a suction. Available in Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey.

Advanced Acupressure Massage

$159 per session

This is a combination treatment of Acupressure Massage, Cupping Therapy and Acupuncture that applies the same principles as acupuncture to promote a faster and effective pain relief process. Needleless and covered by insurance.

Advanced Acupressure & GuaSha Treatment

$159 per session

Combining Acupressure with GuaSha therapy enhances circulation, reduces tension, and promotes healing by targeting key pressure points and scraping the skin to stimulate blood flow.


Naturopathic Physician

$210 +GST Initial Visit | $185 +GST Followup Visits

Naturopathic physician services are an alternative treatment method provided by a licensed naturopathic doctor. The treatment uses hybrid wellness techniques such as acupuncture, supplements and natural herbs to improve the healing abilities of the body.

IV Vitamin Therapy

$210 +GST per session

Offered by our licensed naturopathic physicians. Whether you’re feeling fatigued, recovering from an illness, seeking immune support, or simply looking to enhance your overall wellness, IV therapies can be tailored to meet your specific needs. By delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream, we ensure maximum absorption and fast-acting results. Naturopath visits are covered by extended health benefits.

Cosmetic Injections (Botox)

$10 +GST per vial

At Panda Clinic Metrotown, our Cosmetic Injection Therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines found on the face and tighten muscles on the jawline.

Non-Registered Massage Therapies

Relax & Renew Massage

$55 +GST for 60 mins (Not covered by benefits)

This is provided by massage school grads who just finished the 2-year massage program and waiting to write their board exam to become registered. They offer relaxation massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

$59 +GST for 60 mins (Not covered by benefits)

Experience the relief of a deep tissue massage, perfect for all tension levels. Focusing on relieving deep-seated muscle knots and chronic tension. Ideal for those with stiff muscles, people working from home, or anyone seeking a deeper relaxation.

Stress Relief Aroma Massage

$89 +GST for 60 mins (Not covered by benefits)

Discover the soothing blend of Aroma Therapy Massage, ideal for deep tissue relief and relaxation. This service merges targeted massage techniques with essential oils to ease muscle knots and tension. Perfect for anyone with stiff muscles or seeking deep relaxation, it offers a streamlined approach to wellness and stress relief.

Our Approach

Our goal is to get you back to optimal health in a faster and non-invasive way. All our healthcare professionals are well trained and work as a team to provide you safe and efficient treatment.

We work hard to ensure we exceed the expectations of our patients, our health care professionals, and other stakeholders in our industry. We’re not perfect but we keep striving to make changes that help improve your experience.

Our uncompromising approach to healthcare is focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance. Experience the Panda Clinic Difference today!

Cancellation Policy

We respect that your time is valuable and we appreciate that you understand ours is too. If appointments are cancelled or rescheduled at short notice, or if you do not attend an appointment, this means we are unable to re-use that time to support other patients.

A fee to the value of the appointment booked will be applied to your account for any missed appointments or cancellations without 24 hours notice.

We understand that on occasion a short-notice cancellation may be unavoidable, please let us know at your earliest connivence. Cancellation can be done by phone call, text message, email or voicemail at anytime, as we check them regularly.

Please note that the cost of missed appointments and late cancellations are not covered by your ICBC, WCB or private insurance.

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