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Pilates Burnaby

Avoid Losing What You Love Doing Due to Poor Posture and Weak Core Strength. Try Pilates Burnaby Metrotown. 

Limited Time Offer: Bring a friend for a trial session. $35 per person for 50 mins

📍Unit 301 – 4885 Kingsway, Burnaby
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Pilates burnaby for healither living

What is Pilates?

woman doing pilates lunges in front of a mirror

Pilates is a fun way to exercise

Pilates is a special kind of exercise that’s super fun! It’s a bit like playing while you’re exercising. It helps your body become stronger and more flexible. This is done by body movements and machine exercises.

group of women doing core exercises in a pilates class

Low-Impact Fun

Pilates is gentle on your body. It doesn’t make your body feel tired or hurt. You won’t jump around a lot. Instead, you’ll move smoothly and slowly. This way, you’re safe while having a good time.

woman sitting down holding a weight out in front of her

Core Strength: Your Superpower!

Imagine your body having a superhero power in the middle. That’s your core! Pilates helps make your core strong. It’s like a strong tree trunk holding up the branches. This core strength helps you stand tall and not wobble.

pilates instructor helping a woman side stretch her arms and core

Get Bendy Like a Rubber Band: Flexibility

Pilates makes your body stretchy like a rubber band. Your muscles become long and bendy. It’s like doing stretches, but even more fun. Being flexible helps you move without feeling stiff.

woman doing a front bridge exercise on a pilates machine

Listening to Your Body: Mind and Body Together

Pilates is like having a chat with your body. You listen to it and move in ways that feel good. You become friends with your body. This is called body awareness. Pilates helps you know your body better.

Experience Pilates at our Burnaby Studio

Why choose pilates in burnaby?

woman holding onto a pilates and stretching

Pilates, Right Here in Burnaby: Super Easy!

Guess what? Pilates is right here in Burnaby! It’s like having a treasure in your own town. You don’t need to go far. That’s super easy and cool. You can walk or take a short ride. Quick and simple!

three women in a pilates class practicing forward lunges

Our Pilates Family: Feel the Togetherness

At Panda Clinic Burnaby, we’re like a big, happy family. Everyone doing Pilates is a friend. You’ll meet new pals who also love Pilates. It’s a special feeling, like being part of a team. We all cheer for each other!

pilates instructor sitting on pilates machine

Awesome Teachers: They Know So Much

Our Pilates teachers are like experts. They know Pilates inside and out. They’re like friendly guides. They teach you how to do exercises in the best way. You’re safe with them because they know what they’re doing.

man lying down doing crunches on a pilates machine

Just for You: Tailored to Your Needs

We don’t do Pilates in the same way for everyone. Nope! We make it just right for you. Your body is different from others, and that’s okay. We make Pilates fit you perfectly. It’s like getting a comfy pair of shoes that only you can wear.

So Many Great Reasons: Come Join Us!

Choosing Pilates in Burnaby is like finding a treasure nearby. Our Pilates family is waiting to welcome you. Join us and let’s have the best time doing Pilates together!

Transform your body and mind

Benefits of Pilates

man doing a forward plank on a pilates machine

Pilates is Super Cool for Your Body:

Guess what? Pilates is like a secret helper for your body! It makes your muscles strong and your tummy tough. It helps you stand up straight, like a tall tree. And guess what? It even helps your body stretch, like a rubber band. Wow, right?

woman smiling and sitting cross-legged on her pilates machine

A Happy Mind with Pilates:

Pilates isn’t just for your body – it’s for your mind too! It’s like a cozy blanket for your thoughts. When you do Pilates, your mind feels calm and happy. You get to take a break from busy stuff and feel good inside.

woman sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat and stretching her left side, arm extended

Move Like a Pro: Balance and Flexibility

Pilates helps you move like a pro. It’s like learning special tricks. It makes you balanced, like a circus performer on a tightrope. It also makes you flexible, like a yoga master. Pilates makes your body a superstar!

pilates instructor helping woman on pilates machine extend her leg in an exercise

More Energy, More Fun: Healthy and Happy

Pilates is like magic energy for your body. It’s like a yummy snack that gives you lots of power. When you do Pilates, you feel strong, healthy, and super happy. It’s like a fun party for your body and mind!

Join private or group classes

Pilates Burnaby Pricing

First Time – Trial Session

Private Session (1-on-1)
$49 for 50 min
Group Session (1-on-2)
$35 each for 50 min

Private Session (1-on-1)

Get a private session with our instructor.

$750 for 10 sessions (60 min)
$89 for 1 session (60 min)

Team Session (1-on-2)

Bring a friend to your workout. 2 people maximum.

$499 per person for 10 sessions (60 min)
$69 per person for 1 session (60 min)


How To Find Us

Located at:
Unit 301 – 4885 Kingsway, Burnaby

Across from Metropolis at Metrotown.

Inside the Newmark Building.

Check-in for Panda Clinic Metrotown is in room 510, on floor 5.

Free 2 hour parking at the Newmark building, or at Metropolis at Metrotown.

Parking & Location Information

Parking entrance at rear of Newmark building in Metrotown Burnaby

Free 2 Hour Parking at Rear of Building

front facing shot of main entrance to guildford town centre shopping mall

Free Parking at Metropolis at Metrotown

top down shot of google maps showing 5 minute walking time from metrotown to panda clinic

Only 5 Minute Walk From Metropolis at Metrotown

Woman with visual pain on back on right shoulder

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Clinic Address: 301 – 4885 Kingsway, Burnaby BC


Phone number: 888-843-2716


Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Sunday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM


Panda Clinic Surrey Guildford

Clinic Address: #10-15300 105th Ave, Surrey  BC.


Phone number: 604-295-9185

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