Panda clinic online is offering physiotherapy treatment specifically for an ankle sprain.

Ankle sprain means the ligaments around our ankle joint are injured. Things like a sudden fall, inappropriate warm-up, and sports can cause an ankle sprain.

Untreated ankle sprain may result in a mobility limitation or muscle atrophy.

As our ligaments are not as vascular as our muscles, the healing time of ligament sprains will be a lot longer than just a muscle injury. So proper treatment will be the crucial point when you got an ankle sprain.

Online-physiotherapy helps you to connect with a certified physiotherapist right after your injury.
A physiotherapist can assist you with diagnosis, making self-splint at home, and rehabilitation treatment.

Online physiotherapy helps with injury without any delay, as well as decrease the chances of having complications caused by the injuries.

For more inforamtion about online physiotherapy, please visit or call us at 604-295-9185. 

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