Panda Clinic is offering physiotherapy specifically for low back pain. As low back pain is the most common issue people are coming for physiotherapy appointments.

There are a lot of causes for low back pain. So kowning the cause of low back pain is the first step of recovery. 

Here is how our physiotherapists deal with low back pain. 

  1. Get diagnosed by a physiotherapist

Low back pain can be triggered by

  • Low back muscle overuse/repetitive physical work. 
  • Disc herniation/ bulging disc/external injury or disc degeneration. 
  • Low back muscle strain/sports injury 
  • Hip injury
  • Muscle imbalance/sedentary lifestyle 

This is why, treatments for different kinds of low back pain are different. A physiotherapist will go through a health assessment and muscle testing in the first session. So both you and the therapist are aware of the low back issue, and also the potential outcomes after physiotherapy treatments. 

2. Being treated actively may help low back pain healing faster. 

Physiotherapy treatment involves both manual therapy and active rehabilitation technique.

As active rehabilitation can speed up healing by increasing collagen fiber production and decreasing scar tissue formation. So, active rehabilitation can speed up the healing. However, these are the benefit passive treatments can not achieve.  

Our physiotherapists are carefully monitoring your progress throughout the process. 

Beacuse we understand the importance of maintenance treatments. So, physiotherapists will monitor the healing progress and help restoring muscles and joints function.

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